Monday, December 15, 2003

Colour our world

For her birthday, I got Helena a colouring book from the Dollarama and some classic Crayola crayons.

The box of eight we purchased is clearly labeled 1+ (as is the U.K. pack of jumbo crayons — Look! They're huge! And there's no paper wrapper.).

But it seems in the U.S. they're recommended for ages 3 and up. (Are American babies less artistic than others?)

Helena's not impressed. They're simply not very tasty. Every few days I try to encourage crayon use, but it only promotes crayon ingestion. It takes a second for her to remember that the green one tastes icky (I think it's the texture), so she tries the red one. I guess she thinks they must be flavoured differently.

So far Helena's more Beethoven than Picasso. With a touch of engineer (Leonardo?). She can now stack three blocks and tries to match the shapes to the sorter (sometimes successfully). And she loves her cups this week — nesting has been pretty much conquered, though stacking is still a challenge (a height issue).

Yesterday evening, Helena spent an hour moving our socks from wherever in the bedroom we may have dropped them when disrobing to the hallway, then from the hallway to behind the bedroom door, then back to the hallway. The wheels are turning...

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