Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Helena's toys

I have little say in what others give Helena. I have little say in whether Helena will like what others give her.

At the end of the day, I can stand back and watch. I'm learning to see through Helena's eyes. And sometimes I even understand what other people were thinking when they purchased their strange playthings.

This said, I feel such elation, pride, and vindication when Helena interacts with the toys I picked out for her. If I can find objects that produce such joy in her, maybe I have some inkling as to what I'm doing as a mother after all.

It doesn't have to be big or bright. No bells and whistles, so to speak. Digital this, electronic that... I believe in simple and pure.

For Christmas we gave her a shape-sorting castle, pictured here. She's entranced by it.

Helena also received lots of clothes, in which generally she doesn't show much interest; books aplenty, including a series of four brilliantly illustrated books of nursery rhymes and an amazing cloth book with a tiny Pooh bear that can be moved from page to page (Helena hasn't shown much interest in this yet; its appeal is to adult Pooh fans); and Lego, with its own table.

The Lego is from my sister. I think Lego is awesome, and I hope Helena will, too. We've waited to make the introduction. We have yet to establish a Lego play area, and we've waited for Christmas happenings and excitement to die down. But now, soon, maybe tomorrow, it is time.

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