Thursday, December 04, 2003

What editors wear

Dressing the executive editor at St Martin's Press:

"A typical work outfit for Ms. Beier consists of an ivory Marc Jacobs cashmere turtleneck ($640), a red wool miniskirt by Club Monaco ($89), black boots from Sacco ($275) and a gray Burberry duffle coat ($675). Books and manuscripts are stashed in a cream leather Hogan Pan Am bag ($795), which can also house a smaller orange suede Prada purse."

I'd like to know, "What editors?! Where?"

How much do they pay her? Does she wear a different cashmere turtleneck every day of the week?

I wear a Gap turtleneck ($29) and pyjama bottoms ($10). Same ones pretty much all week, though I save a "good," non-baby-food-splattered sweater and jeans for excursions into the outside world.

But then, I edit copy, not executives.

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