Monday, December 22, 2003

Helena's BA-ACK! My cold's almost gone, I'm exhausted, and the day is almost over. So far, today, amid phonecalls from J-F and from my mom and sister, I've fed baby, played with baby, changed baby, unpacked some of her stuff from the weekend, fed baby some more, had coffee, sorted laundry (but washed only one load), cleaned the cat litter, fed the cats, changed baby, fed baby again, changed baby, did dishes, checked for mail, made cookies, played peekaboo, changed baby, read most of the Grinch (aloud), fed baby, prepared dough for a different batch of cookies, did more dishes, played ball with baby, practiced walking, fed baby again, finished my morning coffee, fed the cats, changed baby, prepared baby a snack, and completed 45 minutes of billable work.

I neglected to have my morning orange juice and vitamin.

I have got to stop procrastinating.

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