Sunday, December 21, 2003


It's been almost 48 hours.

Friday afternoon, J-F dropped off Helena at her grandmother's house. There was a hustle and bustle in packing her up and sending her off. Then I headed out for a couple hours' unhindered Christmas shopping. And I returned home to an eerie stillness.

This time away was intended to provide us with a little romantic respite, to throw caution to the wind in celebrating J-F's birthday on Saturday.

In addition to spending time alone together, we've had time alone.

Though my head is clouded with phlegm, I can hear my thoughts a little clearer, and I can hear my body telling me to rest — messages Helena usually helps me ignore.

As much as I've needed a break from her, I'm sure she needed a break from me, too. It can't be fun spending all one's time with me. Day in, day out, "Mom can be such a drag." It sounds like she's had fun, but I hope she missed me a little. I miss her terribly.

We're off to retrieve her shortly.

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