Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Let it be resolved

I never make resolutions. Never. Thirty-four years on this planet, I've never felt compelled to improve myself. Sure, I make to-do lists occasionally, but they usually involve, say, going to the post office, not learning to cook French cuisine. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I should be making resolutions.

Here goes...

1. Be better informed about world events.
2. Read at least some of the National Geographic that appears in my mailbox every month.
3. Be an active conversationalist.
4. Play my violin regularly.
5. Speak Polish with Helena.
6. Speak French with all the French people around here.
7. Take a walk every day.
8. Procrastinate less, work more efficiently.
9. Make more to-do lists.
10. Drink more, in that fun, uninhibited way.

That's enough. Wish me luck.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am constantly making lists of this kind, does my adherence to them improve? never... so here goes: another to-do list

-adhere to to-do lists more
-make more lists
-make cup of tea while thinking about what to do first on your to-do list